Foursquare Usage For Brands

Foursquare Usage For Brands

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Using tv commercials, newspaper and radie advertising channels are now obsolete for brands. Brands are directed to execute all their advertising work on digital areas. This orientation is in proportion to the fact that not all companies can meet the appraised high budgets for traditional adveritising methods. Digital ads, that are ideally suited small or medium-scaled enterprises, became the choice of businnesses on all averages. Fast returning rates with a low budget subjugated the companies.

The advertising works conducted on digital areas are generally executed on social media platforms. When 'social media' is called, the first thing to come to our mind are tha channels that have high user counts such as Facebook, Twitter etc... However; with the provision of internet usage on mobile, social media platforms that are enabled for mobile use are added to these platforms. Being on social media platforms means targeting especially the mobile users. One of the important social media platforms the can be used on mobile is Foursquare.

Foursquare is a social media platform that has boomed on mobile and reached a considerable user count. Experiences such as pointing out the places we go and stating the comments about that place are shared. Foursquare platform is a platform that have met its goals successfully with this algorithm. Because it transfers the needed information in direction of the last user, we can say that its users are quite loyal.

How should brands use Foursquare?

Firstly, brands should confirm the place they are in and show that they are the owner of that brand. With this location process it will be visible in maps. Foursquare platform will be providing you the chances of controlling the whole place, following your other branches and analysing the customer portfolio of your rivals. With this algorithm, you will reach your target audience rapidly as well as raising your online popularity.

After creating a Foursquare account and confirming that you are the owner of the brand, you will be sharing photos at the size of 860*130 pixel that is provided to you in header part. The shared contents in these areas should be at a level that may attract the products that are special for your brand or your target audience's attention.

In Foursquare, the thing that will attract your target audience's attention the most will be the campaigns. You should identify special campaigns for your customers by using campaign organization option on this platforms in which the mobile access is highly provided. With these campaigns, it is possible to make your customers check-in in your place. The raise in the check-in count means new followers and new customers. Using small awardings in campaign's content like "a special gift for the first check-in" , "a discount for those check-in" will be advantageous to increase the active participants.

Brands' being on social media platforms is not an enough reputation and marketing work. While being on social media and other online channels, brands should use these channels in a way that they can reach their target audience. Reaching the success on social media channels is only possible with a right content, right timing and a right analysis of target audience.

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