Youtube and Vimeo in Social Media Marketing

Youtube and Vimeo in Social Media Marketing

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Like television commercials' effects are higher than other methods in traditional media marketing, in social media marketing, video is more effective than other methods. While brand publish their videos in many platforms on social media, the most effective and advantageous platforms are video-based platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Vine. The most radical video-haring platform Youtube has many competitors now and the most prominent of them is Vimeo, recently.

As Vimeo arouse its user count, the situation in which brands became undecided has occured. Will Youtube or Vimeo be more effective in video shares? Viewing this undecisive situation, at first sight it is thought that Youtube is more effective with its active user count and uploaded video counts. Currently, Youtube, the video sharing platform, caters to the widest audience, for sure. Apparently, Vimeo's catching up Youtube in this regard is impossible. However; we can't say that Youtube is the most effective platform of video shares in social media marketing, considering this case only. At this point, Youtube is a platform that only large-scaled enterprises can reach the success they are aiming. Major brands can easily accomplish by providing interaction and feedback on the videos they publish on Youtube with their brands' awareness and their followers' count. However; when it comes to medium or small-sized enterprises, Youtube's being a platform that too many videos are constantly uploaded, may become a disadvantage. The videos of these brands' are likely to be lost among millions of videos published on Youtube. Besides, if the objective is to provide interaction with the target audience, publishing the videos on Vimeo, in which there are fewer videos uploaded and which became one of the most popular video platforms recently. If the brand progresses with a right video content, it will be more easier for it to reach that audience by attracting them.

In conclusion, it will be beneficial for brands to draw a road map of which platforms to be worked on considering the identification of target audience and keeping the interaction high with them as the first rule in all phases of social media. Social media has a constantly changing and developing, dynamic structure. Brands' keeping up with those changes and innovations and using the useful strategies for their brands, is the best way of accomplishing. In short, today's Vimeo, may be another platform tomorrow. What is important is that; brands shouldn't take social media marketing operations as a stereotypical work. They should consider it as a dynamically changing platform and apply the popular methods of the term in a useful way.

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