A Wrong Social Media Crisis Management

A Wrong Social Media Crisis Management

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One of the most important steps for a successful social media management for brands operating for optimization is social media crisis management. Actually, it is an operation that brands should start by creating a strategy for social media optimization. Recently, as all we know, advertising and marketing operations in a quality of benefiting the brand in many ways like sales and awareness,can also cause damaging crisis and spread fast. If precautions not taken or not interfered at the right time and place, it may be possible for brands to face negations and to be unmanageable to handle these negations. It is also right to identify social media crisis as social media's most risky area.

What should you do to avoid your brand's get into a social media crisis and how should you manage that social media crisis in case you are stuck in one? What are the mistakes done in social media crisis? To answer this kind of questions I want to go on with Wanda Digital's social media crisis and the wrong interferences it made during the proccess of #NefesAlsınYeter hashtag and the image it used with it on 5th of December, the Day of Women's Rights. Wanda Digital has also been added as a barnburner case to the cases that are shown as examples such as OnurAir, Borusan. The basic fault of this brand of causing a social media crisis was to create a hashtag and an image, ignoring the sensibility of it's target audience while they were in a rush of being different or marginal, what they call it as 'establishing awareness'. If there weren't other mistakes ongoing, it could be excepted as a mistake and wouldn't grow that big. However; because they couldn't manage to manage this crisis, the case grew. What are these faults? First of all, removing the hashtag and the image and then posting an apology text was right, but the discourse in the text's content written by the brand in order to create awareness and taken wrong by the followers, created a more false perception and resulted in the growth of reactions. Besides, this wrong perception's supporting tweets of the workers of the brand caused more reactions. The fast growth of this case in such a short time is because of all these reasons. We are gonna observe to what extent this case will grow, whether the brand can stop it with the right interferences or may it not be stopped, or whether they'll leave it to time, in future proccesses.

As it is comprehensible from this case, progressing according to the target audience is very important in order to avoid a social media crisis. If a social media crisis is already happened, posting an apology text without drawing the follower's reactions more and taking the workers of the brand under control about the case, is the truest response method. While social media crisis could be turned into a beneficial queality for your brand with a true response, what is important here is the roadmap you follow and your strategy. Besides it is the right steps you take without getting your brand in an alarmed mood.

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