The Winner of Instagram and Twitter Competition

The Winner of Instagram and Twitter Competition

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Having different features at the forefront, the two social networks Instagram and Twitter, closed the preview of Instagram's timeline in Twitter. Introducing specifical photo filters as a result of this, Twitter got into a competition with Instagram.

What are the different features of Twitter and Instagram? While Twitter is dominantly a popular and sensational social network in which users express themselves with 140 character limited texts, Instagram is a social network that comes into prominence with it's image and video shares. According to the statistics done recently, Instagram stole a march on the competition with Twitter by raising it's user count to 300.000. In this respect, the winner of the competition is seen as Instagram.

So, what are the things that affect Instagram's being an ealy winner of this competition? Facebook and Twitter are unchangeable social channels for social media marketing in an extant process and lately Instagram, increasing its user count to a large extent joined them and overcame Twitter with its user count. Let's talk about the reasons.

  • Being video and visual based, and these are the units considered as the most interesting for users, brought it into the forefront. Of course, including the units that attract attention to a large extent is well up on the list of it's most effective features.
  • It stood up after a proccess of being bought by Facebook and thus restocking. For instance; tagging was included in Instagram in a short time after being bought by Facebook. The features seen as gaps were restock just the job and this is deadly effective in its being a fast growing platform.
  • Its feature of filtering images helping users produce almost professional contents, affects its preferability. In the circumstances, it is also effective in the raise of user count.
  • Categorizing the contens with hashtags not only benefitted the brands' marketing operations, but also increased its preferability affected by its attraction of users. While brands can reach their target audience via the hashtags in the contents, users can also easily reach  the contents that appeal to their interests.
  • It both eased and strengthened brands' interaction with their target audience and users' interaction with their follows and followers with the 'mention' feature. This feature of it is deadly effective in both the raise of user count and its preferability in marketing operations.

Consequently, we can say that despite being a new channel in social media, Instagram came into prominence by raising its user count to 100.000 in a little while, and took its place in the platforms that brands' most prefer for their social media marketing operations. However; Twitter is also amongst the platforms that are still most preferred by brands due to the reasons that its stepping small but steady, not losing its popularity and having loyal and active users. Taking into consideration that social media is a dynamically changing channel, the winner of the competition between Instagram and Twitter may change at any time in the forthcoming days.

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