Will Social Media Take Traditional Media's Place?

Will Social Media Take Traditional Media's Place?

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The usage of social media is increasing without slowing down across the globe and in our country. On top of that, social media users' activeness ratio is also keeping on rising in direct proportion to this increase. Looking at these rates, here comes a question continously; will social media take traditional media's place? Sure it's not possible for social media to capture completely or destroy traditional media. It is right to say that the feeding of social media from traditional media is the reason of this case. However; it is strongly believed that, recently digital and especially social media, also known as new media, is a strong rival for traditional media and will be the winner of this race. 

Today, social media, as a channel depending on sharing, is still making the use of traditional media's topics. The topics that users carry from traditional media to social media are maintaining with a dynamic and changeable spread. However; the features that are the most effective reason of why we preffer social media like the two-way interaction, low funds compared to traditional advertising and the power of spreading fast, got a blow in traditional media. Today, there's a truth that information-based web-sites and online newspapers take traditional media tools, newspaper and magazines', places, mails and fax are replaced with e-mail, radio is replaced with the sites like Youtube, Dailymont. Traditional media's most important platform television is being carried to digital channels and at the same time, huge audiences once used to spend their time watching television, are now spending their time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Recently, the small-sized businesses that cannot afford the expensive advertisement budgets or big businesses, realizing that their target audience is on social media and the affects of advertising and campaign on these channels, are preferring social media. Beceause of all these reasons and the changes in the system, social media's overcoming traditional media is a normal and possible situation. Considering that traditional media is a channel living on advertisements, and brands are shifting their advertising and marketing operations to social media, we can easily say that  social media is a platform that will seize all of the power.

Later on, social media can totally overcome traditional media or seize the power of it to a large extent. The two cases are possible and both cases make it mandatory for brands to use social media actively and effectively, using the right methods. There's a very obvious thing to say about social media; recently, it is far beyond of being a risky channel for traditional media. The changes happening up to now, are the signals of the future.

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