What is Spotify?

What is Spotify?

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Spotify is a music data streaming system. Spotify system provides an opportunity for listening to the musics that are recorded to globally known firms such as Sony. The musics are presented to the users in a division of different sub categories. These categories are singer, album and style etc... Spotify platform provides a membership ooportunity depending on the users request paid or unpaid. With this platform, pirate music habits showed a positive change in a short time.

Spotify is one of the platforms that accomplished in a short time. The music titan Spotify reached 15 million users in a short time. Apart from the paid members, the total user count reached 60 millions. Spotify is an online music platform growing to an extent of 50% , by reaching these values.

The differences of Spotify from other music platforms is quite obvious. The most clear feature of Spotify is that; you can listen to the music with the legal rights. At the same time, Spotify platform has a large song database. Apart from being a web interface, it also takes its place among the online channels with its desktop and mobile application. Spotify, having a detailed algorithm structure, stands out with its features like creating a playing list, listening free songs ...

How to Use Spotify ?

It is possible to enter Spotify platform in two ways. You can connect it via Facebook and registering as a user. The advantage given to you when connecting on Facebook is to reach your friends' playlists. Afer the entry, it will ask you to download a file. Afet downloading the file, you'll see the Spotify on your desktop. We run the program and enter it by filling our information. Now, here we are in Spotify platform and have the pleasure of listening to songs in all categories.

The famous category of Spotify platform is fitness musics. The fitness musics on Spotify platform are created after a work based on scientific datas. So, scientifically a music list has been created to accompany you while doing sports and back you up. Thanks to this list, sports lovers are both doing sports and listen to the music and get the chance of sweating more than normal at the same time.

Charging on Spotify

Getting a paid or free membership is an optional system for the user. If free membership is preferred, you are exposed to ads or sometimes be obliged to listen the music until the end of it. Apart from that, although you have a free membership, a large music database is put into your service. In paid memberships, it is possible to create your own playlist. Besides, the users get free of beng exposed to ads and ofcourse the intended song can be downloaded free of charge.

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