'Welcome'E-mails in E-Mail Marketing

'Welcome'E-mails in E-Mail Marketing

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One of today's trends is e-mail marketing. Among digital marketing methods, the prominent one, e-mail marketing, is an effective way of establishing a bond between the customers and the brand. Brands inform customers about new campaigns, products and all the improvements about the brand with e-mail. The first e-mail to the user is 'welcome e-mail'. The user enrolling in the web site gets a first impression by a welcome e-mail of the brand. This e-mail is based on value-adding principle. Besides, the first e-mail which is the first touch to the user is very important.

So, what to consider while preparing a welcome e-mail?

There should be the brand's name and the user's name

Because digital marketing methods are not done one to one, the golden rule of closing this gap is to make the user feel precious. Value adding princeple, the golden rule, may be using the user's name in the e-mail. Apart from it, brand's name must be also used in the e-mail. This may be a distinctive element for the user who is using many web sites during the day.

The gaps in enrollment form should be promoted to be filled

Other information of the new user should be kep it brand's archive for the sake of gathering data. Thus, in the first e-mail sent to the new user, there should be a direction link to fill the blanks.

Password and user name reminder

In order to help the new user be active in the web site, in the first e-mail there should be a user name and password reminder. The reason of this reminding is; a user joins many web sites during the day and then s/he may forget his/her user information. In order to resolve this situation, there should be some reminder part in the e-mail.

Promoting to like social accounts

In behalf of strengthening the bond between the user and the brand, s place should be given to all social accounts in the first e-mail. Some amusing buttons are enough for promoting the page to be liked by the user.

Defining a discount coupon

The best way to create a positive perception is to give place to the disciount coupons special for the user in the first e-mail. For carrying on the communication, discount coupon is a nice method.

The first mail enables brand to have an active and loyal reader audience. So, brands' taking the right steps in the e-mails for their new users is quite important.

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