Vine in Social Media Marketing

Vine in Social Media Marketing

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Vine is a social media platform which was developed by Apple and later on started to become more popular day by day since Twitter bought it in 2012 and in which mobile or tablet-taken videos are shared. During the last days of 2014, it's been predicted that Vine, which is increasing its user count and providing an intense interaction with the target audience in brands' social media marketing operations, will boost its popularity more in 2015. Such that; while speaking about 2015 trends of social media marketing, brands are suggested to expand their operations on Vine. Athough it's being thought that famous brands like Facebook and Twitter are impressive in social media marketing, it is also a truth that the social media platforms that's just started to gain popularity such as Instagram and Vine are also impressive and increasing their popularity day by day. Social media platforms' being a dynamically changing channels, is the evidence of the situation.

Nowadays Vine is used in many social media marketing studies. So, how can Vine be so effective in social media marketing? We can talk about its various features as an answer to this question, but we should first of all talk about Vine's videos; they should be 6 seconds-long. Another video features are; it can record a video with pauses, and can continue in a constant cycle like GIF. With those well-qualified features, it meets the demands that showed up as a result of internet users' interest in video contents, rather than texts. Also, hashtag usage and simultaneous video sharebility in Twitter and Facebook are among its impressive features. In recent years, benefiting from the rise of mobile marketing, Vine's usability in smart phones and tablets is quite effective in its preferability in social media marketing. Becoming popular with all these features and presenting its own trends and phenomenons to social media, Vine will go on rising with a progressive chart.

Finally, let's talk about how to use Vine;

  • Vine is downloaded to your smart phone or tablet, and then you create a profile by registering with your Twitter or mail address
  • To compose a video on Vine, you should record it by clicking on the video icon that is on the right top of the homepage, or by just touching the screen and when you unhand, the record stops
  • After completing the Vine video, it can also be shared in social networks like Twitter and Facebook
  • The people who you want to show your video are easily reached by using hashtag

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