The Use of Tumblr

The Use of Tumblr

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Tumblr platform is a micro-blog system and a sharing site. Tumblr was developed by an entrepreneur, David Karp in USA, in 2007. Established in 2007, Tumblr reached 75.000 users in a short process like 2 weeks, after being served. Having a large mass of audience recently, Tumblr can be seen as a formidable adversery to other social platforms.

Tumblr micro-blog service has more distinct features than other services. While providing you individual blogs, Tumblr works integrated with also other platforms. So, a content you share on Facebook or your tweet on Twitter platform is shared on your blog at the same time. As a result of this, your blog is frequently updated. Another feature of Tumblr platform is its being user friendly. The feature distinguishing it from other platforms is its interface design and friendliness. While Tumblr users can own a blog after a short sign-up process, they also complete their design with the themes they choose. Tumblr users also enlarge their environment by sharing their interests and meeting other users who have the same interests.

Signing up to Tumblr:

Signing up in Tumbler is easier than than signing up to other social media platforms. After answering some short questions, you can sign up to Tumblr. The order of process is like this;

  • You create an account after identifying a user name and password.

While creating an account, the user name you identify should be your blog's name. For instance; if you identify your user name as 'fashion' , you will be using a blog named ''.

  • After that, you enter the security number and show it that you are a 'human' :)
  • After activating it using the activation code that is sent to your e-mail, you will be completing all of the steps and have a Tumblr account.
  • The only thing is choosing a theme, now. You can do the necessary edition for your blog on your account. The information you edit, will be theme and layout tabs.

Tumblr platform has become a focus point with its user-firendliness. Applying the principle of integrated-work, which is the secret to success, Tumblr seems like it accomplishes in its strategy. Animated GIFs, videos, news and texts are shared on Tumblr. At the same time, you can limit the topics by using hashtag (#), in your searches on Tumblr.

Tumblr became more attractive after being presented to mobile-use. It is taking its place among the platforms that are growing prodigiously with its integrated work algorithm, user friendliness, mobile usability and its work discipline including interests.

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