Twitter's 2014 Assessment

Twitter's 2014 Assessment

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During these days that we are approaching the last days of 2014, this year's assessment is among the trending topics. After the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also presented it's Year 2014's Assessment to its users.

Considering the 2014's assessment, it is clear that the topics that occupied our diary had been the topics like The World Cup, Epidemics of Ebola and Politics. The most trending topic in 2014, both on Twitter and in Turkey, was football. The reason of this result is the World Cup, without any doubt. 672 millions of tweets were posted during The World Cup proccess. During that term, the most popular topic was the encounter of Brasil and Germany,for Turkey,too. The second trend topic was the game between the Turkish National Team and Czech Republic. Later on, TFF Super Cup Final and Sports Toto Super League games had taken their place among the most popular topics on Twitter.

In 2014, the most retweeted tweet was the selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took in Oscar award ceremony. This selfie also gained importance as it had been the most retweeted tweet extant. The famous selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took was retweeted more than 3 million times. 

Famous football players had also taken their place in trend topics list. Among these famous players, Brasil's famous player Neymar Jr. got a follower count reaching more than 1.5 million. The biggest role in this celebrity's reaching such followers count was his successful performance in World Cup. Another topic in trend topics list in 2014 was Justin Bieber's tweets and they were retweeted many times. Besides, the famous actor Robin William's death reached the peak on Twitter with 327.432 tweets. Turkey's celebrity, having the most followers count had been Cem Yılmaz again in 2014. Some interesting names took their place among Cem Yılmaz's followers list. The nams that most closely follow Cem Yılmaz's account is 11th president Abdullah Gül and Ata Demirer was chosen as his rival. The Twitter accounts of celebrities and their followers count in Turkey, in 2014 is like that;  

1.       Cem Yılmaz  /  7.575.029

2.       Abdullah Gül  /  5.323.814

3.       Ata Demirer  /  4.560.527

4.       Galatasaray SK   /  4.470.164

5.       Demet Akalın Kurt  /  4.229.575

6.       NTV Spor  /  3.991.558

7.       Okan Bayulgen  / 3.983.836

8.       Fenerbahçe SK  /  3.663.684

9.       NTV  /  3.409.925

10.   Yılmaz Erdoğan  /  3.241.538

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