Tv and Social Media Integration

Tv and Social Media Integration

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We see that traditional and social media, competing each other in the field of advertising and marketing, are becoming integrated recently. Especially on tv screens, we come across with the factors about social media. Tv, which is taking place among traditional media, is awware of the situation like the brands that have understood the importance of social media in marketing and they are developing strategies to use this situation in beneficial way for themselves.

We happened to be seeing the hashtags that are used in talk shows or series, the social accounts that are belonging to only one tv programme, the video or people who became a phenomenon on social media. Such that; a new audience in tv which we may call "social audience" occured. Social audiences; is a new audience that have a lot of new habits like checking Facebook while watching tv, tweeting on Twitter about the programme they watch on tv, following the tv programme that they've missed, on Youtube, sharing the moment that they've watched on Instagram. When considering the the tv channels are a brand and their principal is not to miss their popularity in all programmes, it is such a normal situation for them to integrate social media to their strategies in order to attract this new audience having a new user habit and which is called social audience. The best example of the usage of social media on tv channels are the hashtags that are created about a programme's name or a topic that is still going on on that programme. The start of these hashtags is the usage of '#TrumpRoast' hashtag in Roast of Donald Trump/Comedy Central in 2011. In our country, these hashtags that we come across frequently nowadays, are identifying the social media users' thoughts about the programme belonging to the hashtag instantly. Another method is to create all social media accounts belonging to the programme. The accounts that are created on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, related to the programme, are directed to attract more users or audiences. With methods like this, the importance of social media's place is rising on tv screens. At the same time, by using the topics of tv screens on social media, a more active communication and an interaction network is being established.

Traditional and social media's being more integrated recently is more advtangeous for both sides. However; the ones that benefit the most from this situation are the brands that are taking place in marketing operations, for sure. Brands that are willing to increase the interaction with the target audience on the platforms that they will conduct their marketing works, are facing a stronger environment when headed to traditional or social media. We can say that; the success rates' being higher when famous brands get into a proccess of advertising and campaign using the traditional and social media integrated,is the proof of this situation. When considering this course of events, brands' using tv and social media integrated in their marketing operations will be the best way.

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