Tumblr Usage

Tumblr Usage

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Tumblr is a ABD based social network. This platform was actualised by David Karp in 2007. After being put into service in a proccess of 2 weeks, it has accomplished to reach 75.000 users. We can state that it has accomplished to reach a fastly rising success graph in many countries especially in the USA. Tumblr platform's most important feature is that it works in coordination with other social networks. Tumblr is an important social network with it's having a young user potential. User average is between 18-24 ages. Finally, Tumblr platform was bought by Yahoo in return for 1.1 billions. Up to this stage since it was established, it has achieved to reach millions of users with its basic interface and the advantages it provides.

So, what is Tumblr? How is it used?

Tumblr is a blog service. It gives its users to create a blog and has an algorithm structure integrated with pther social netowrks. The only condition to have a blog with Tumblr is the enrollment. Enrolling on Tumblr is quite easy. After an easy process like remarking an e-mail and password, the user getting chance to have a blog is quite satisfied due to its user friendliness. If a blog is to be created after enrollment, an adress is identified on the part that URL is written. For instance; socialmedia.tumblr.com. In the upcoming tab, security code is identified and then here comes the blog. Tumblr, having such an easy use, then requires only the entry of contents.

The most frequent posts on the blogs created on Tumblr are animated gifs. It is possible to find quite attractive images. Besides, users frequently share artwork quality, authentic images. As a big treasure, finding many nice images on Tumblr is not very hard Apart from them, categories of posts like illustration, fashion, film and games are frequently seen.

Alhough Tumblr usage is not very frequent in Turkey, it is widely used in many countries. Although it is not widespread due to it's lack of language support, it is possible to see nice posts. In the upcoming terms, it is foreseen that Tumblr will become common in our country, too.

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