Tag Usage in Blog Posts

Tag Usage in Blog Posts

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Tag usage in blog posts is a method used for classifying the content. To remark the topic that the produced content is related to, the keywords about the topic are used as tags. With this method, a hierarchical structure is achieved. For example; there is a blog about fashioni, all of the contents are about fashion. With the help of categories and tags, a structure is scaffolded as ladies/gentlemen fashion. Another reason of tag using is to be placed in search results in a shorter time. So, the tags used indicates in which searched topics it will be placed. However; if tags usage will be used for this aim, it should be converted to meta-tags by using codes or plugins.

In general, tags provide readers realize other contents. While the right used tags are helping you attract readers it provides an opportunity make your visitors deal with other contents also and stay on your blog for a long time. Even though it is assumed that hashtag usage doesn't play an important role, actually blog's role is big in reaching potential users. It is beneficial in search engine operations(SEO). That is to say ; if the keywords that are defined by keeping to search engine algorithm, are used, they will be placed in content's related topic search results. A reader audience of a blog's which takes place in search results, will be showing a rise frequently. For this reason, tag using has a positive impact if done rightly.

Which points to consider while tagging?

If tags are used as an aid for search engine optimization;

The number of tags shouldn't be too much: Adhering to the length of the text, the number of tags shouldn't be exaggerated. To give an average value, tag usage should be like 5% of the text. Besides, in order to make the text seem fine visually, the count of tags shouldn't be too much and should have a regular view.

Selection of the tags should be done considering the most searched words; while defining the tags that will be used for the content, the tags should be chosen considering the most searched words. The reason of it is; the tags are mostly figured in search results, after the text content.

Tags should be related to the content. The tags identified for the content shoud be related to the subject of the content. The relevance is quite an important factor in placement of the search results. Thus; when identifying the tags, they should be related to the subject of the content one to one. For instance; the tags in a fashion text should be like; fashion, trends, spring-summer fashion etc..

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