Strategizing on Pinterest

Strategizing on Pinterest

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There are some important points that the brands should mind while using Pinterest, a platform that has proved its impact in the recent years' social media marketing. As in all social media platforms, brands should sustain the interaction with the target audience while using Pinterest as a marketing tool. As the first step of sustaining the interaction with the target audience, it is important to take off with a high qualified strategy. Later on, moving via the created strategy, by organizing the Pinterest's spesifical features as suitable for the brand, is quite effective in accomplishing in the interaction with the target audience.

What kind of strategies should brands chose to progress? First of all, brand's usage of narration method, whose affect has increased a lot recently but became a very hard work at the same time, will be the most correct strategy. Visual narration is, as understood from its name also, creasting a strategy by narrating the brand on the platform it uses and backing up that story with images. Strenghtening the communication between the target audience and the brand is also advantageous whereas Pinterest is a big advantage among social media platforms in using this method. Brand may attract target audience's attention more with visual narration and may provide an establishment of a stronger bond. What to consider while this bond is being established is to make up a narration, whithout in which the target audience can find something about themselves thus be interested in it, wihout ignoring the brand. In Pinterest, as a platform which is quite suitable for visual narration, brand's accomplisment will be much easier.

Which points should the brand consider while progressing through its strategy on Pinterest?

  • Images should be 600 pixels and be created high qualified, while the text should be kept short.
  • In narration part, an emotinal bond should be established.For this, primarily talking about the brand's establishment story will be the best method because it will have an impact on your target audience.
  • A great importance should be given to the videos as well as the images. Videos are a good way of increasing the interaction with the target audience. The text ,n which the narration takes part or somethings that can't be told with images may be told more effectively with videos.
  • The brand's features that are sutiable for the target audience's interests or which may strenghten the bond should be loomed large. Especially, the sincere and honest feelings are good point in strenghtening the bond between the audience and the brand.
  • Progressing through an intriguing narration will be obviously a more effective method. The proccess of the target audience's following up the brand may be progressed more longer and loyal through curiosity.
  • Following up the process after the applcation of visual narration is also qite important. Dutring this proccess, observing the effects on the target audience ahould be done and in necessities, brand is required to interfere the situation.If an effective narration is created, you may clamp down on it. Likewise, if a failure is observed, by considering the target audience's interests, a new proccess of creating a narration may be started.

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