Social Media Succcess Story - G4S

Social Media Succcess Story - G4S

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As community managers and teams handling the heavy load of social media traffic continues to rise, the need to better manage the process is becoming overwhelming. We continue to reveal social media success stories from successful managers who have managed to take control of all the buzz that surrounds social media and concentrate efforts into relation building.

So we asked the Camilla Dica, Group Resourcing and HR Systems Executive in the world's largest security company offering services over 125 countries how she turned the social media buzz into a success story.

Here is the insightful story behind her success:

Reachpod: What are some of the factors that affect the success of the brands or/and the accounts that you manage in social media?

Camilla: Time, collaboration, ability to create or collect content, forward planning, expertise.

Reachpod: If G4S were a movie character, what kind of personality traits would this character carry? Example: Loving, Rebellious, Honest, Sincere

Camilla: Proud, trustworthy, dependable, honest.G4S culture is defined by our values: Safety First, Customer Focus, Integrity Best People, Performance, Teamwork and collaboration, Expertise.

Reachpod: What are some of the factors that you would prioritize in social media?

Camilla: Hiring 250,000 people every year, our priority is to convey the G4S Employer brand.Facebook features as our 3rd largest organic traffic source to our global Career Centre:

Reachpod: There are various tools that are being used in social media. I am sure you went through a decision making process to purchase Reachpod. Could you please tell us what made you choose to use Reachpod in your organization?

Camilla: Reachpod suits our collaborative approach to social media.With content creators in Europe, Africa, Asia & Middle East, USA, Latin America we needed a tool that everyone could log into, schedule posts for approval, and engage directly with their content. The Customer Service at Reachpod has been incredible, including constant support and training capability.

Reachpod: What are some the benefits that Reachpod has brought to you and to your brand

Camilla: Reachpod helps us to ensure that each of our Regions has a regular presence on our social media platforms.It also enables us to moderate and maintain a consistent brand message from the core of the company at Group level.

We thank Camilla for taking the time of her day to answer our questions.

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