Social Media Marketing in 2015

Social Media Marketing in 2015

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While we are approaching the last days of 2014, quite a few forecasting and researches are conducted for social media marketing. Of course, the only thing to say clearly is that the change will promptly go on and the brands that follow up and incorporate these changes into marketing operations with a right method will win in this constantly and dynamically changing channels.

In 2015, the biggest change in digital channels will be that the mobile devices and wearable technology will stand out. While it is not expected that the brands' marketing operations will totally swing to this way, its the truth that they will pretty much enlarge its share. With an increase in the active usage of smart phones worldwide, streamlining the social media marketing operations for mobiles will became a must rather than a requirement. Because of this reason, in these days while we are about to enter 2015, it is beneficial for the brands that are running campaigns in digital and social channels, to start their planning for year 2015. 

Let's talk about the social media trends that will change in social media in 2015. In 2014, when the importance of the content was understood, the brands were subjected to tend towards content marketing and started paying more attention to high quality content. This situation will continue in 2015. Because of this reason, it will become necessary for brands to mind social media platforms and the high quality aimed at the target audience in these social media platforms. Later on, it will go on courting Facebook and Twitter's, the two platforms' that preserve their leadership, marketing operations for brands by interaction. However; brands' operations in these platforms has begun to require higher budgets. Proving their success although they are brand new, platforms like Instagram, Vine and Snapchat will be reqiured to be used by brands more actively. Thus, these brands should start immediately to start their work on these platforms or emphasize it more carefully if they already have an operation. At the same time it will be necessary for brands to consistently follow up social networks without forgetting that social media is a continuously developing and changing channel. In 2015, brands' placement in their target audience rather than user count, being active and which platforms they will provide the interaction in social networks will be more important. Thus, it should be more important to leave the cliche social media operations and follow up the innovations and integrate them rightly to their marketing operations. Finally, it is foreseen that the content's star in social media marketing will be video in 2015. Certainly, preparing video shares for traditional channels or for any social channel and publishing it in Youtube won't be enough. It is considered that Facebook will be more active in providing interaction with the target audience and the short video contents prepared for Vine will bring more interaction and feedback in 2015. It will be necessary for brands to focus on video contents, not to be only limited to Youtube. 

Digital channels, and especially social media, will rapidly increase it's development and changing in 2015, too. While, the brands that will be able to adjust to this innovation will benefit in marketing operations, it will be impossible to benefit from digital and social channels for the brands which deny themselves to cliche marketing strategies.

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