Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction

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With the actualisation of social media concept, the user habits took a different dimension. When intending Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the number of social media platforms are increasing day by day. Besides, with the increase in the use of mobile devices, social media became indispensable for users. While social media platforms are a way of advertising for brands, they became a habit for users.

According to the researches, the use of mobile device users are becoming a little more addicted to social media say by day. On an average of 500 million tweets are tweeted per day and 1.28 billion users Facebook platform actively. When cosidering this numbers as a result of the researches, it is obvious that the users stay the course of becoming a social media addict.

The user habits of social media addicts are observed in the researches. See what the user habits of social media addicts are.

Fictionalising all the behaviours according to social media

The users that are social media addicts or stepping forward to become one, are shaping their all actions to display on social media. For instance; spending hours for dressing up a kind of food only to share on Instagram account, spending a lot more energy on a table layout in order to share it on a social media platform etc... As in all the examples, if the user is tending to display all his/her order in life's normal fluency just to share it on social media, it means that s/he's already become a social media addict.

Sharing any moment of yours on social media

Some user habits show a tendancy to share their moments on social media. The user showing the behaviour of sharing any moment of eating, taking a rest, working or even sleeping, is a social media addict. This user group crave for displaying any of their moments. If you are in one of this user group, you are a social media addict or about to become one.

Spending large part of the day on social media

Social media addicts spend their day's large part on surfing on social accounts. In each break they take while working they control Facebook, view the tweets one by one while moving on the traffic, or even refresh the news feed frequently; willing to seize the new posts. If a social media user spend a large part of his/her time on social media accounts like this, it means that s/he is a social media addict.

The users diplaying this kind of behaviour are the people who acquired addiction to social media. They show tendencies like checking their accounts at the moment they wake up in the morning, being active on social media accounts for long hours before sleeping. In a term like this, in which social media is integrated to our lives to such extent, each social media user shows a behaviour of addiction. However; the frequency of these behaviours and the length of the time spent on social media accounts are the factors that determines the negative influence of this addiction on you.

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