Snapchat is Raising its Importance on Social Media

Snapchat is Raising its Importance on Social Media

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Snapchat is a social messaging platform in which you take a photo or record a video and after adding notes on it, you identify how many seconds it will be shown to the receiver. In social media, the effects of especially mobile and image shares' has been going up, recently. Snapchat's structure which is totally based on video and image and instant messaging in basic, is raising its user count and arousing the interests in it. Up to now, it has become popular especially among the age group of under 25. Having a dynamic structure, the removal of the sent images and videos at a particular time are the features that most attract users' attention and provide them a friendly use. 

Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat with a 3 billion dollars price offer, but it was withdrawn, and then there came an offer of 4 billion dollars from Google and again it was withdrawn. Now, Snapchat's value is estimated as 10 billion dollars. This situation is in a quality of proving that Snapchat has become a very important social media platform. In USA and European countries such as England, where Snapchat is mostly used, brands are taking their place in Snapchat and running campaigns on it as a part of their social media marketing operations. The accomplishment of these campaigns proves Snapchat's impact in social media marketing.

Following up the innovations in social media marketing and incorporating the useful ones into their stucture is certainly one of the digital strategies that brands need to lay emphasis on. Brands need to follow up the platforms in which their target audiences are taking part and operate actively on these platforms by participating in them. Due to being a platform that can help you be effective in social media marketing with the raise in its user count and its features, Snapchat is a new social media platform that the brands in our country should participate and strategise in. Alhough it is not as widely used as in European countries, it has been increasingly attracting attention in our country recently.

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