Remarkable Twitter Campaigns

Remarkable Twitter Campaigns

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One of the most oft-used platforms on social media platforms is, Twitter. In this platform, effective campaigns can be organized with '#' usage. Brands that can manage campaigns on through a right strategy on Twitter, achieve to create reactions. Here are the campaigns accomplished through the right strategy;

Turkcell 'More Tweets' campaign,

With 'More Tweets' campaign, Turkcell aimed at introducing it's new products besides reaching it's users. Campaign's content is based on post-its. Users tweeted the brand-created post-its via #turkcelltweet hashtag. When post-its were nearly finished, some little games were played. The winners of the games got free minutes, and free smses. The biggest reward of campaign, smart phones, were given to the ones who raised the last post-it. The punch line of the campaign was that, it was lively broadcasted. The whole campaign process was broadcasted live to users in 3 hours a day. The whole campaign duration was 7 days. While Turkcell was introducing it's new smartphones, it also achieved to become popular worldwide. At the end of the campaign, while staying on the trend topic list for 8 days, Turkcell received thousands of tweets. So we can say that Turkcell successfuly put a signature to a wide social media campaign with this campaign. The main reason of Turkcell's success was identifying a right target audience and using the right platforms to reach them. During the proccess, the incentive phones were the right choice for Turkcell's new smart phones' promotion.

 Starbucks ‘ Tweet-A-Cofee’ Campaign

Starbucks is one of the brands that use Twitter platform in a right way. Starbucks, putting a signature on successful campaigns via Twitter added a dimension to online gift concept with it's campaign. Thanks to Starbucks Tweet-A-Coffee, you were given a chance to buy your family, friends or acquintances a coffee via Twitter. Users could merge this campaign after synchronizing their credit card info to their Twitter accounts. According to the campaign's content, it is enough to write #tweetacoffee to your friend's profile. With a deduction of 5 dollars from your account, you order a coffee. This campaign of Starbucks made it a pioneer in mobile integration. Starbucks, achieving to attract it's users' attention by this campaign, signed a very successful management proccess.

Magnum Turkey

Another campaign is Magnum Turkey's, taking a place near the top of the most successful Twitter campaigns. Magnum Turkey achieved to take it's place in successful stories with this campaign. At the same time, Magnum Turkey made an increase in it's sales by attracting Twitter's attention on itself with this campaign. Magnum Turkey, using the principle of 'value adding to user' adressed some questions to users. Campaign was run through '#İstanbulPinkmiBlackmi' hashtag. Under the name of this hashtag, the question of 'whether pink or black fits Istanbul' was asked to users. At the same time it was backed up with successful images. Tens of thousands answers were given to this enourmously participated campaign. Magnum achieved to increase the interaction by using Twitter platform in a right way and also incorporating it's users to this campaign. Campaign was also supported with other traditional advertising tools. A special night arranged for the campaign was shared with users again via Twitter. A basic point in Magnum Turkey's success story was, incorporating the users into campaign's proccess. Besides, Magnum, which posed questions to users, jogged our minds with a story of success.

As we watch all these campaigns' proccesses of success, we see that the most important point in Twitter campaigns is to incorporate users and adding value to them. A successful campaign proccess is a period of time that leads to rewards and making users feel themselves precious. Brands conducting this proccess successfully like Magnum, Turkcell and Starbucks, can increase interaction and hot sales and carry their brands' online reputation one step forward. 

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