Real Time Marketing

Real Time Marketing

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Making difference in all areas of our life, New Age also caused difference in customer patterns. While customer patterns were a little less questioning up to Digital Age, today we are facing a more questioning, vindicatory, and critisizing customer portfolio. Now a customer choosing a product or service, can share all the results on online platfroms. If customer is not well with the service s/he can complain about it with only a tweet and spread it virally. So, it is inevitable for all brands to take place in online platforms. In order not to shift the destiny of brands to customers, brands should take the authorization on online platforms in hand.

While, all the rights about the future of the brand were in the hands of owners up to Digital Age, nowadays the determiners are customers. The marketing strategy, born as a result of this proccess, is real-time marketing. 

What is Real-Time Marketing?

Real-time marketing is a marketing method that brand exerts using the right platform and supplying the customers product or service whenever they need it. In other words, presenting the product to customers in right time and place. Nowadays, all brands should have the ability to do real-time marketing in order to get advantage over the problems like the changes in customer portfolio, the big impacts of  online channels on brands and handling the authorization. 

There are some obvious features that discriminate real-time marketing from other marketing strategies. While only a wrong step of yours can change your whole strategy in a marketing strategy, instant faults won't affect your future in real-time marketing. The most important difference is that; the service or product is present to the customer when needed and then happens a hot sale.  In real- time marketing, brands race against time and the most fastest one wins.

How to do Real-Time Marketing?

Starting the topic with giving an example of the most distinct fault will give you a clue about real-time marketing tactics' nature. The most distinct fault that is done in real-time marketing is targeting the sales, not the content. Whereas real-time marketing is a marketing that is heavily based on social media and the important point on online channels is the data. It means that the quality of your content identifies your place on online platforms. Because of this reason, you should head to the content and produce right contents in the right time while doing real-time marketing. You should create new and high-quality contents at that time depending on the feedback you get from your customers. Moreover, the platforms you'll use for your contents are also highly important. Your contents should be presented to your target audience on the platforms that use frequently. In real-time marketing, the contents, social media and search results affect your your reaching to your target audience. The strategies for real-time marketing should be organised considering this interaction.

The most important point in real-time marketing is to get in an interaction and the keep following any time. Because it is one of the marketing strategies that involve the highest interaction and communication, real-time marketing is an advantegous marketing method that brands can prefer.

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