Reachpod vs. Hootsuite

Reachpod vs. Hootsuite

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The newest and improved social media management platform Reachpod is expanding globally, offering creative approaches with diverse features.

Is a keyword you are monitoring trending? Reachpod has an option to notify you at your requested intervals. Like this you will never miss if a keyword or hashtag you entered is being talked about.

Reachpod values your feedback and develops features only upon user requests so even if a feature doesn't exist we'll create it.

By offering live support and one on one webinars, Reachpod team is always there to give technical and user experience support.

RSS, Wordpress, Blogger and Tumblr feeds can be automatically posted to your selected social networks and Reachpod gives you the option to select which image to use while sharing RSS items. By creating an RSS stream, never miss out on new updates from the feeds you follow.

Do you manage social accounts for your customers or in teams? Go ahead and schedule all your posts and send them to your client or supervisor for approval even if they are not a team member.

Have an instant chat with team members, clients or supervisors on each post you scheduled.

Choose which team member has posting rights and which ones can only moderate posts. By doing so you will leverage your team's full potential.

Without any obligations or restraints, connect the world's most widely used URL shortener to track reach of all your posts.

Only Reachpod enables you to tag all incoming interactions. A sentimental analysis is easily done and moreover custom tags can be created individually or groupped for personal or team use. Tagged interactions will show you how influential users interact with your brand.

Reachpod gives you a choice to respond interactions from any account you connected so if you don't want to reply to a post on your page as the page, just choose another account to reply with.

All these great features and more are only available to all with Reachpod. Have a social day :)

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