Preperation of Advertising on Yotutube

Preperation of Advertising on Yotutube

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In Youtube, which Google introduced as a video-based site, gets a billion of clickings daily. Youtube became the world's second biggest search engine platform rather than being only a video platform. This situation proves that the brands can reach success with Youtube ads. We all visit Youtube to watch different videos in our daily routines, and although we may not take it welli we face Youtube ads at that time. When considering as users, this is a boring situation, but when looked as an ad-giver, it is such an advtantegous situation with its active user count and the high rates of its interaction.

How good the steps of advertising on Youtube are planned and published over a good strategy determines how big the success will be. Let's talk about what the brands that are aware of the affects of the Youtube ads and willing to succeed in this step should do ;

Things that the brands should do before advertising;

  • Brand's channel should be prepared professionally and afterwards this channel should be linked to other social accounts and web site
  • After completing the preparation, the first thing to do is to identify targets of Youtube ad. If the targets of this ad are identified at the beginning, it will be beneficial for following up the proccess and gauging the success
  • Another necessity before advertising is that; the ad video should be special for Youtube.
  • It is important to organize the video that is prepared for Youtube or other platforms, suitable for the qualities of Youtube in order to increase the interction.

What brands should do while marketing;

  • While moving to advertising step, the most important, moreover the necessity of making the ad successful is the identification of the target audience. One of the most advantageous features of social media in marketing, target audience customization should be used certainly beneficially in Youtube ads.
  • Without ignoring that the audience to whom the ads are shown can skip the ad after the first 5 seconds and this feature is frequently used by users, the first 5 seconds should be attractive.
  • A special attention should be payed to your Youtube ad's audio features. Brands should also be attentive to audio features considering that the target audience on Youtube not only uses it for watching something but also to listen something.
  • Brands should arrange their timing well while creating its Youtube ad video. As we mentioned before, its first 5 seconds should be attractive and the brands should give the message that it wants to give.For the rest of it, it is beneficial not to overrun 30 seconds. Video's being 30 seconds long will provide an advantage for the brand in terms of the budget.

If worked with an attention to all of them during the advertising proccess on Youtube, brand's success would be easier. However; keeping on following is also important to that degree.

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