The Ones that Achieved Success on Social Media- Favori Jewellery

The Ones that Achieved Success on Social Media- Favori Jewellery

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Although all of our tastes and choices are different, there are such things that the large majority wonders and deals. We all want to make it and for this reason; how successful people achieved it and which processes they went through is always an object of curiosity.

When we stop at this point and take a look at what the subjects that are brain-teasing the most are, we see that the question of how some brands accomplished on social media is placed on the first lines of the list. Nearly everyone is a social media user. For this reason, brands pit against each other in order to reach their existing or potential customers, introducing ourselves and their products, ensuring customer satisfaction and create brand ambassadors. The success story of the ones that come into prominence in this race, is an object of curiosity as we stated before. Our first guest in "The Ones that Achieved Success in Social Media" is one of the brands that stood out hitting the big time shortly and accomplishing in social media, Favori.

We have asked the Manager of Favori Digital Marketing and Social Media, Alper Tosun the success story that everyone is curious about and how he has achieved it.

B: Hello, Mr. Tosun. Can talk breifly about yourself?

A: Hi, Mrs. Burcu. I was born in Eskişehir in 1980. I graduated from Kocaeli Üniversitesi, industrial engineering. Later on, I've done my master's degree on Bussiness Management in Istanbul University. My interest in digital world is also based on my university years. During the times that we had just met the internet, the famous 56k modem times, I'd begun to prepare small-scaled web-sites. In the same period, I'd been choosing my project topics in university from digital fields. With the increase in my interest to digital world since then and Social Media's growing importance, I have been conducting my work in the field of Digital Marketing and Social Media in Favori since 2008.

B: And during this period, you raised follower count of the social media of Favori from zero to millions. Could you talk a little bit about the standpoit of Favori to social media?

A: Favori is a firme that apprehended the importance of social media from the very beginning. Just at the times that social media had just started to gain importance, it had made configurations and immediately created teams about it. As you know, the demand for traditional media has been reduced with the increasing usage of Internet. People started to spend more time with their tablets and smartphones. Although the Tv is on, they go on checking the social media at the same time. Social media's share in general media marketing is going on raising rapidly. For this reason, we can say that Favori, as a brand caring social media for all times, will carry on showing the necessary importance.

We also follow the innovations in Social Media and if there is a study that we should conduct, we do it. The basic social media networks that we use are; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Flicker, Tumblr and Pinterest. Because visual is in the forefront for us, in our Facebook and Instagram posts, our interaction rates are quite high.

B: Favori has been doing a social media management actively for let's say, a long time. So, can you say that social media had an impact on sales?

A: Certainly. It benefits us in many ways. Our followers see the product that we are promoting in social media and they want to buy it in our stores or ask us questions about where they can buy it and its features on social media. We answer all these questions sincerely and direct them to our stores.

When we look at it fom the perspective of our stores, we see that they sell the product that we loomed larged on the social media easier. Plus, if the product has a story, the product attracts more attention on social media. On the other hand, we can transmit out campaign announcements to larger audiences with the help of social media.

Social media's viral impact is also very important. With this impact, we can interact by reaching the audiences that either follow us or haven't started to follow us,yet. Apart from all, we can say that social media has positive effect on our brand awareness.

B: So, let's move to the most-asked question. What are the factors that are effective on Favori's success in social media ?

A: Using Social Media tools in a right way and following the changes carefully is quite important for us. We use an appropriate language for our corporate communication on social media. We take care of preparing our images in this direction. At the same time, we move cordinated to our marketing department. Appropriate for the work plan for the next process that our marketing department has done, we also make our preparations beforehand and in the term that the campign will start, we get ready as digital and social media.

Apart from it, we use Reachpod in social medi management. Using Reachpod helps us make a more active social media management. We can easily follow the contents that are not published yet, (unpublishedposts)with this tool.

Some joyful and social resposibility-purposed projects that we conduct on social media also has positive impacts on our success. In one of these projects that we conducted with Inovaktif Media, "We are in Favori Wedding" project, people create an environment of wedding by adding their or their firends' photos.By preparing enjoyable videos including wedding dances belonging to their region and sharing them with their firends. With this project, apart from promoting out wedding sets, we also provided the prearing of thousands of videos on internet virally, and we are still carrying on to provide it.

Another important project of us is; "Favori My Dear School", which is a social responsibility project at the same time. With this project, we met the needs of the schools that joined our campaign and got successful. That happened to be one of the projects that created a tremendeous impression.

We want our stores to exist in Social Media with us. They include themselves in all the work that we do and they help us reach larger audiences by backing up our interaction.

B: There are many tools to use in social media management. We guess that you got into a proccess that you should take a decision. Could you briefly tell us how you decided to use Reachpod in social media management?

A: As a firm that follows up the changes in social media, we already have tested the important social media tools worldwide, and have been using them already. We were lucky that the Inovaktif Media staff prepared, with whom we succeeded in actualizing a lot of social media application before, prepared the Reachpod platform and thanks to this we became one of the first-time users of this tool. We see the development of this global platform that can be used worldwide,in Turkey, as an important progression for digital operations.

B: What have been the benefits of Reachpod for you? What can you say about it ?

A: Reachpod provides an opportunity to follow and manage a lot of social media tool on just one screen. This is quite important for us. It enables us doing or work more controlled and planned. Also, being able to see the whole stream on one screen, replying the comments and massages about the content that we published on just one screen is another feature that increases our effectiveness. In other social media managing tools worldwide, while some features are progressing well, we can't say that all of them are well. Reachpod took very important steps in this issue. In the areas of content management, word, follow up of hashtag and reporting, it covered a distance in a short time. At the same time it sarries on new features in its structure day by day. We will also carry on benefiting from Reachpod.

B: Yes, Reachpod is developing and growing with new features. So, among these features, which one do you use the most?

A: the feature that we use the most; the feature of creating a new message. We are planning our contents and place them in calendar in Reachpod, then we review its statistics and reports. At the same time we follow the messages, what people are talking about us on social media and the comments. Besides, we can also follow the twitter's agenda topics, the tags about our brand and our sector, and the result of them as a stream on one screen. Recently, the reporting screen that has been activated provides us the opportunity of assessment on a periodical base. Being able to manage the comments about the unpiblished contents (unpublishedposts), is one of the features of Reachpod that we use the most.

B: Thanks. So, where do you see Favori in the social media of the next 10 years?

A: Actually, Social Media changes so fastly that; we can't predict which social media tool will be the leader, which tools will be promoted and which of them will lose its importance. As you know, some even the platforms Google introduced( like Google Buzz), can be unsuccessful as well. However I can say that; Favori will follow all the developments in social media and will take steps forward the most correct structure in social media for itself. We are aiming to carry on our position as one of the brands that gives big importance to social media and to develop our position in jewellery category worldwide.

B: Which recommendations do you have about Reachpod for our readers?

A: Reachpod is unique in Turkey in Turkish Social Media Platform. It is suitable for the people who are interested in both corporate and individual. We especially recommend Reachpod platform in this aspect; in the past, one or two social media networks were used. For instance; facebook and twitter was the most-used netowrks but nowi people have a lot of account on many social media network. So, if they are managing a firm's account, they have to run both twitter and facebook and also other social media accounts. If they don't join other accountsi, informational convergience may occur and others may create accounts on behalf of that firm. So in order to avoid this convergience, they should manage these accounts suitable for a corporate structure and integrate possibly all account to each other. Managing all the things that I've mentioned is very important due to this situation. Social Media managing platform is a thing that will ease their lives. Entering 5 different pages and posting different things on each, reporting all of them one by one is quite hard and complex. Seeing this stream on one screen is beneficial both in timing and saving from the effort. I really want people who are engaged in social media, to test Reachpod at least for once. Ithink that they will certainly find som features that they will benefit from.

Producing the suitable contents for the target audience and researching the statistics after the posts, is quite important. Because, one of the issues in social media is creating the right content. They can also benefit from Reachpod while creating a content. They can analyse how the contents they they've produced before, are providing the interaction, by following up the raise or trends in searching trends, tagging etc. and mind sharing in this direction.

B: So, what are the tricks of getting followers?

In my opinion, the most important condition is to create the right content. Because people may give up following your page if they see a content that they will dislike shared by you. Thus, creating the right content is very important. Besies following the agenda and the trends and sharing in this direction will be certainly beneficial.

Another key of getting followers is viral applications. The apps that are funny and arousing a will to share it may be a fast way of getting followers. While developing this kind of applications, you should empathize and ask yourself this question; "would I share this invitation if I've received it?" The apps that don't arouse a desire to be shared are generally stay far from being viral.

Another keypoint is to draw your followers in other channels to your social media pages. For this; like, comment and share buttons should be placed in the related fields suitable for user habits. In e-bulletins you can give place to the warnings in suitable places in order to make them follow your social media fields. All emloyees' addition of social media information in their e-mails may be standardized.

If you have a page about a topic, keywords can be written in related description fields and the possible hashtags that the followers are searching for may be used in the posts.

Cross marketing operations may also be beneficial. It may be possible for different firms to reach larger audiences with complementary works. There are some fie examples existing about this issue.

The statistics of done researches should be well analysed and an attention should be payed to negative interactions as well as the positive ones. If sharing this kind of posts are compulsory, targeting tools should be used during sharing proccess.

Apart from all, getting followers by advertising is also possible but optimizing while using this channel is important. You should try to get followers from the most valuable audience with the lowest budget.

B: How do you identify the number of contents you'll share daily?

A: Obviously, each firm should identify a publishin frequency for itself. For us, a post per day is enough. This content reaches tens of thousands people within the day. However; for instance; you are managing a news site, this frequency should be like maybe 30-40 per day. Firms should define the frequency of content publishing considering their products and the sector that they are in.

B: So, do you think there are somethings in social media that we should pay a special attention?

A: Firstly, you should move according to 'corporate identity'. If you go beyond it, you will be in contrast with the brand's position. Followers don't abstain critisizing it when they can't make a bridge between brand's perception and the shares. It is also important to avoid sharing boring posts.

There may certainly be negative comments and complaints. They should be replied with a suitable language for the firm's corporate identity. Under the favour of your feedback, you may even terminate a hars text to a thankful text. With the help of your social media, it is possible to change the perception about your brand into a positive one.

In the planned contests, you should move according to competition rules. In this kind of contest, disallowing the solesistic behaviours will provide faith in brand in a medium or long term. By following the sites of the campaign, you can follow what your followers are thinking about your contest.

Apart from all, security is quite important. Especially, the accounts that are authorized to share on pages should act more carefully. At this point, becuase it removes the need of sharing your passwords with all account managers, Reachpod is advantageous.

B: Thank you for sharing Favori's advices about reaching the success in social media. While reaching your targets in the next 10 years, I'm sure that a lot of firms will be following Favori on social media and take it as a good example.

A: I'm thanking you. It was a pleasure for me. Favori will carry on being strong on social media. Apart from all, your readers can contact me via my Linkedin profile;

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