The New Social Networks' Importance in Social Media Marketing

The New Social Networks' Importance in Social Media Marketing

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Social media became a platform that is expanding day by day and on which the audiences spend more time as days pass. Advertising and marketing operations were in traditional media's monopoly until the day that social media amplified. After the audiences have decreased their interest in platforms like newspaper, magazine and tv, what are called traditional media, and social media's helpful features have been recognized by brands and these fatures have increased, social media has started having an important place in brands' ads and marketing based operations. Now, nearly all of the brands are aware that they should conduct their operations actively in social media, and the important return of these operations.

Then, do the brands need to include these social networks in their marketing and advertising operations in a channel that a new social network shows up everyday? Before answering this question, we have to say that brands' being on a social network that their target audiences don't use, won't be helpful, for sure. However; it must be forgotten that social media is a channel that is always renewed and changed. Because of this reason, it is seen that apart from some main and big networks which has proved their advantages, a lof of social networks that have just started to show themselves, are increasing their importance. Besides, having a dynamically changing structure, when and what will be popular in social media is not predicted. A new social network's growth and being an effective platform in social media marketing shortly is always possible if an event that interests a large mass of audiences comes out, or a very different feature is found. 

In this new era called digital era, audiences like innovations and easily adopt the social networks that come out with new features. Thus, the effects and user counts of these social networks rapidly increase. The best examples of today for this situation; Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Snapchat and Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube whose effect is well-known, which take place on the first lines due to its user count and that are quite older than the other networks, are still the first choice of brands in social media marketing. However; the brands that are progressing with a right strategy, take place in the new social networks that increase their user count and interaction rate and get into an active operation. It is a truth that the brands doing this will take precedence over their components in social media marketing and will be more successful. Consequently, we can say that it is mandatory to follow up and include the innovations and developments in social media in their structure, if the brands' main target is to interact and communicate with the target audience. While it is possible to say that the brands that don't recognise the importance of social media in marketing operations won't be successful, we can easily state that the brands that don't follow up the innovations and include them won't be successful, too.

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