New Marketing Trends

New Marketing Trends

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With the switching of marketing operations to digital world day by day, each day a new marketing strategy is constituted. Also with the width and novation of the digital world, trends are undergoing changes rapidly. Up to now, marketing sector became a prodigiously grown sector with the quicksteps it has taken. New trends shaped with the mobile technology, web technology and new ads methods that gained a placed in this market, are also prociding positive returns apart from providing advantages for users. In proportion to the progress in 2014, big changes are expected in 2015. As marketing trends may change, differences in user habits will also occur. So, how will the marketing trends appraised for 2015 be like?

In 2015, the focus point of marketing operations provided on digital media will be the customer behaviour. New roadmaps will be determined with the consumer behaviour analysed by the brands. Besides, new campaigns will be run customer-oriented in a same way. So, in 2015, customer-oriented marketing strategies will gain importance in marketing trends. 

A substantial increase in the budgets of digital advertising is expected. The value of publicity stunt for brands or firms will rise. The rise in the chart of advertising budget monitored up to 2014, leads to this expectation. With an increase in the interest for digital ads, the ads and payment options on mobile is also apprasied to make progress. In mobile marketing, the investments up to now and user count are placed among the main reasons of this expectation.

Another factor that raises the exptectation is werable technology. Giving a new impulse to marketing sector, Google Glass created a great expectation in this sector with wearable technology. In 2015, brands and firms will be able to gauge ads with this technology. 

In 2015, video will also have an important role in marketing strategies. The increase that is observed all last year round seems to proceed in 2015, too. In 2015, on platforms like Youtube and Facebook, a raise in the video-based operations is expected.

Marketing trends' rapid progression creates high expectation from the development that will occur in 2015. Apparent from the rising chart in digital world, the development seen in marketing will switch to digital in 2015. So all the work like advertising, sales-based run campaigns, promotion of products, brand awareness etc.. will be conducted on digital. It will be inevitable for the firms that subsist with traditional operations to invest on that field.

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