Monitoring of Social Media

Monitoring of Social Media

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Social media is a field in which communication reaches the peak recently. Legal persons, brands/agencies or organizations are carrying out the communication with their customers on social media. While coomunication gains a new dimension, it also reproduced new marketing methods. These marketing strategies became indispensable for brands. Brands' value is shaped through the customers' comments on social media.

New platforms are constantly added to social media channels. Accomplishing is getting harder proportionally to the proliferation, renewal and updating of these platforms. The work carried out on social media is constantly inresing its complexity. The only way of accomplishing in this mess is to; follow-up. Brands should constantly follow-up social media in order to stand our among their rivals and reach audiences.

Social media follow-up is a process that brands or persons follow,analyse and report the comments about them. There are some questions that brands or agencies should seek answers while following up the social media. They are; what are the customers thinking about the brand? Are they satisfied or dissatisfied with the service they get? To what degree are you communicating? What do our rivals think about us?  Social media follow-up is conducted under the title of these questions. The vast size of the data on the internet is making it difficult. Some helpful tools are used to filter this data. Nowadays, these tools are quite diverse in quantity and features. So, what are the features of these helpful tools that brands use to follow-up social media?

The scope of the chosen tool is quite important while following- up the social media. Which channels the tool scans has great importance due to the preponderance of social media platforms and the increase of them day by day. Besides, how densely the chosen tools scans is another important point to be kept in mind.

The interface of the chosen tool, its report's being in detailed and the sufficiency of the information given about the content are quite important points. The reporting to provide a successful social media follow-up should be in detail and has a quality of meeting people's needs. In order to get a wide-ranged report from the software used for the social media monitoring, the monitoring system should have spesific values both globally and for its own software. It should also be presenting this computation to the user in detail.

In order to accomplish the operations condusted on social media, the following up of social media is quite important. Brands should measure, analyse and report all social meda accounts, all campaigns and opponents in detail.

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