The Mobile Apps that Large Crowds Use

The Mobile Apps that Large Crowds Use

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Digital, which is getting involved in our daily lives, is going on to ease our lives. We rapidly have adapted to use internet and its blessings in each field of our lives. While striving with invoice payment, money transfers, hospital appointments, we started to give our food orders and even taxi calling transactions from our mobiles. With developed apps, we can perform all our transactions on our mobiles without a step. Being able to solve the transactions without losing time, is providing more mobile apps to be developed. 

Here are the frequently used apps recently;


I guess the ordeal of finding a taxi on rainy Istanbul days is a common matter for all of the people living in Istanbul. Especially, finding a free taxi on the days of heavy rain is a matter for all of us. Far from getting on the taxi, paying it in cash is another matter. Although the period of paying in cash had already been left in the past, this payment method is still applied on taxis. So, this app solves the cash payment and taxi finding problems. With a call from your mobile, a taxi will swing by shortly to your place and besides, you can pay it with your credit card on your mobile. Bitaksi application is among the mostly used mobile applications in Istanbul and Ankara provinces. 

"IBB" Mobile Traffic

Among the mobile applications, one of the most used applications that a large mass of audiences prefer is IBB Mobile Traffic application. The user who downloads the application to her/his mobile, determines a road map before starting to drive. Being a kind of a solution to Istanbul's traffic problem, the application of "IBB Mobile Traffice" is in demand.

"BKM Express"

One of the mobile apps that eases our lives is BKM Express. It is an app that collects all of the cards in a single platform in banking facilities. Besides, the audience that uses it can shop online without being in a need of a bank card. Bkm Express application, which offers all of these conveniences, is among most preferred mobile applications.


You can get a taxi service with Uber app. Apart from a taxi service, this application can be thought as a chauffeur finding application. Resounding in a short time, we can say that Uber app is an opponent to Bitaksi.

"Çiçek Sepeti"

With the Çiçek Sepeti(flower basket) app, an app that is one of the mostly used apps by the whole country, you can please your beloved ones without wasting any time. With Çiçek Sepeti app, the users can transfer the flowers to all over Turkey, while sitting in their homes.

"Yemek Sepeti"

Yemek Sepeti(Food Basket), is an app that reached large audiences and went from strength to strength. It gives service to nearly all of the provinces in Turkey. You can order food to your place, without making a movement. It is placed among the apps that save lives in Turkey.

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