The Mistakes That Are Made In Content Marketing

The Mistakes That Are Made In Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a topic that is spreading abroad in digital settings and increasing its importance for all firms day by day. The way of attracting attention by standing out among its rivals in digital surroundings apart from existing, for brands, is to be successful in content marketing. Especially in 2014, a year that we left behind, a big rise on content marketing was observed. It is possible to come to this conclusion when the reesults in Google search are observed. Content marketing and the strategy created for it, haven't provided the same amounts of returns for all firms. While the feedbacks to right-strategised firms are positive, the firms that created wrong-strategies couldn't accomplish.

So, why couldn't the brands be successful in content marketing?

Missing the logic of Google

Brands are mistaking while creating content for digital platforms. The authenticity of the content is important but the occupancy rate of the content is also important to that degree. Making sense of Google and creating contents that are suitable for it, should be the first aim. Because, users ask questions to Google search engine and deal with the presented contents. So, Google actually progresses in a way of question-answer and in order to place your contents in search results, the content should be in a manner that answers the questions. If you want to provide content for users, prioritizing the sense of Google, you should create answers to potential questions for users. In this way, your content is presented to users by Google and your chance of being successful in content marketing increases. Apparently, the biggest mistake done recently in content marketing, is not to create this strategy.

Being unable to reach the target audience

Although the created content is qualified, you can't accomplished if you can't reach the target audience. If the brand is producing a high quality content but unable to reach the target audience, it means that it is having a serious problem about target audience issue. In order to reach the right target audience, operations like, Seo(search engine optimization), the ads that you can choose your target audience in social networks(like facebook ads), should be done. Brands can not accomplish because they are doing a content marketing without optimizations. So, before content marketing, the brand should analyse its own target audience correctly and reach it. When the qualified contents that are produced after that, are provided to the user, the chance of accomplishing in content marketing increases.

Being unable to catch potential customers

Another important reason of not being successful in content marketing is to miss the visitor to the site. So, your visitors being high in number is important but the most important thing is to get an action from these visitors. While the visitor rate should be high, the return rate should also be high, as well. If a website's returning rate is low, it means that there is a mistake in their operations. Contents may be not meeting the expectations, you may be using a boring language or having a wrong target audience. The problem should be solved by observing these steps one by one. Brands having this kind of problems, are unsuccessful due to their incapability in directing the visitors of their website to an action.(sales, like, etc..)

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