Microsites in Social Media Campaigns

Microsites in Social Media Campaigns

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Known as traditional media, newspaper, magazine and television commercials were used to be known as the most effective marketing method before social media became an indispensable platform and gained an important place in target audience habits. Traditional media's falling behind social media in terms of analyzing and and audience targeting resulted in brands' focusing on social media. You can conduct your brand's marketing operations and reach the planned target easily on social media. Social media campaigns are one of the methods that have rousen to prominence proving their success in this aspect.

Social media campaigns are run based on the return and interaction of the brand's service or product's target audience. We can state that also the microsites are the most effective ones in social media campaigns. Especially in recent years, we observe that the well-known brands conduct successful campaigns with microsites. So, what is microsite? Microsite; is a one-page web site that is created for a brand's service or product. In order to make a microsite a successful campaign, it should be designed to transmit the message to the target audience in a simple, plain and comprehensible way. Reaching the target in a short way is the primary target of microsites. What kind of a path should a brand choose with a microsite? Firstly, a right targeting should be done for microsite's launching process. While spreading process occurs fastly in this direction, the return rates are generally high in this direction at the same tine. Later on, a process of basic campaign process with a real-time and target-based content should be started. Finally, this social media campaign method of microsite should be ended up in the right time and in the following period, it should be kept under control so that there shouldn't be any problem to be faced about the brand on social media.

What are the benefits of microsite in social media campaign? Let's talk about them.

  • Microsite considerably arouses the main web site's traffic to a considerable extent, even though it is a one-page web site that is created through one of the brand's product or service.
  • It creates positive impact in terms of Seo. It creates qualifications beneficial for Google searches target-driven via spesific product or service that the microsite has created.
  • As a result of the integration of microsite with all social media accounts, a rise in follower count, becoming popular on social media and interaction with the target audience occurs.
  • It has a big contribution for brand awareness. Brand awareness can be established up to grade with a successful microsite.
  • Establishing trustworhiness regarding the brand's product or service will be quite easier with a microsite. Microsite; a platform that boosts the interaction with the brand and the target audience is effective in establishing a close tie.
  • Microsite can come get ahead of its competitors in terms of the brand's product or service which the microsite is created for. Brand beat its rivals with a successful microsite.
  • For having an important place and targeting the audience in social media marketing, microsite method has many benefits. While, the brand conducts its marketing operations, it can also gain information about the target audience for the next period.

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