Methods of Boosting the Interaction on Instagram

Methods of Boosting the Interaction on Instagram

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Instagram came into prominence among social media platforms with the raise in its users count and the height of the rate of its interaction with the target audience, last year. With the rapid growth of content marketing's place on social media, it became a must for brands. For this reason, brands are paying a special attention for developing content strategies on Instagram. There are some methods as tips to consider besides all social media marketing techniques for brands that are seeking success on Instagram strategy. Let's talk about these methods.

Firstly, Instagram users like naturality in contents. For that reason, photograph or video filtering features should be barely used or a filtering feature which is natural alike should be chosen. Especially, prioritizing naturality in photos is a method that shouldn't be ignored while increasing the interaction on Instagram.

On Instagram, bright photos arouse more interest of users than dark photos and their interaction rates are higher. As a reason if it, we can assume that Instagram users are willing to get rid of daily life's stress on this platform and prefer pleasant images rather than gloomy images like in all social media platforms. Benefitting from this situation, brands' giving place to pleasant images in their photos is a method that can increase the interaction.

Among Instagram contents, another feature that attracts users' attention are the contents that include faces. For this reason, using faces on Instagram contents is a way that can boost the interaction. However; another point to mind here is to avoid creating all contents with these qualities, because it is just a way to boost the interaction.

Sharing Instagram contents accompanied with incentive texts such as "like", "share", "comment", is a good way of boosting the interaction. However; you should avoid reducing the quality and losing the naturaliy while using these incentives. Otherwise; this method which can be used to boost the interaction may become a reason for the adverse affetc of the target audience. Using this method beneficially is in proportion to the success of brand's strategy.

Finally, the most important method that has proved its success in boosting the interaction on Instagram is the usage of hashtag and tags. This method is quite effective because the brand can increase its visibility and categorize the contents that are in beneficial keywords. We can say that, using the method effectively is in direct proportion to brand's success in its strategy.

We talked about some methods that are clearly identified as a result of the researches conduted on Instagram. However we can clearly state that as long as Instagram goes on progressing, the brands will conduct studies for different methods and include them in their strategies.

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