The Importance of Visual Content in Social Media

The Importance of Visual Content in Social Media

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Brands' understanding of visual contents' importance in social media occurs when they analyze the rate of interaction with the target audience. No matter which sector they are in, it is observed that all brands' visual contents' are more effective on their audience in social media, in other words visual contents are more shared, and liked and get more comments. 

What are the factors that reveals the importance of visual contents on social media ?

  • According to the researches, an average human brain perceives a visual content 60.000 times more than a text.
  • Internet users decide whether a site or a social account is worth surfing in the first 3 seconds. In this 3 seconds period the most effective factor is the images.
  • Visual content based social media platforms such as Vine, Instagram and Pinterest, are getting more popular and inrcrease their user count and the rate of the interaction with the target audience.
  • In Facebook, the post in which the interaction is the highest are visual contents.
  • Compared to a Twitter user who shares 140 charactered texts, a Pinterest user who share generally visual contents are 3 times more active.
  • 8.000 likes a second occurs on visual content based Instagram.
  • In advertising methods such as in social networks like Facebook or in Google ad methods, using images doubles clicks and returns.
  • The videos belonging to Twitter's video-based Vine platform are shared 5 times a second.
All of them takes their place in the factors that shows visual contents' importance in social media. Later on, visual contents' importance in social media will increase to a large extent. In this case, what brands should give importance will be including the visual contents in their social media marketing structures. 
What should brands do to benefit from the rise of visual contents in social media ?
  • They should actively take part in video based social media platforms such as Vine, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Your accounts' profile and cover images should be created appropriate to reflect your brands' identity and to attract your target audience.
  • You should give importance to the quality of visual contents and those contents should be appropriate for the agenda and the targets of the brand in order to attract the attention the target audience.
  • Visual contents should be shared as suitable for social media platform by using categorizing features.
  • A part of visual contents, videos, should highly be given importance. Especially the short videos should be created.
  • Written contents should be shared accompanied with images and infographics in social media platforms.
As long as brands give the needed importance to the visual contents that are getting rapidly popular and will carry on to rise, and involve them in their strategies, they will acoomplish by takip a step forward against their opponents in social media marketing.

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