The Importance of Facebook Ads

The Importance of Facebook Ads

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Although traditional ads methods' tv ads are still seen as the most effective ads, internet ads loom larges with their advantages. Facebook ads, which have been the favourite of brands with its large audience and different advertising methods, is gaining more importance among internet ads day by day.

We can easily say that with the ads' methods' change in a beneficial way for brands and the algorithm changes in which thw organic access is reduces, because it is one of Facebook's largest income source, Facebook ads increased their importance. What are the benefits and advantages for brands with those Facebook's changes? Let's talk about them. 

  • It is more advantageous with its low outcome among traditional and other internet advertisements. While large-scaled enterprises can use high-cost ads methods, Facebook ads are the ads that small and medium-scaled enterprises can use with low budgets.
  • It is one of the most important advantages that provide an increase among other ads methods with its feature to determine the target audience. With its targeted advertising, the feature of showing brands' ads only to their target audiences is advantageous for interaction and returning. Getting help from information like age, gender, preferences, marital status that are indicated in Facebook's users' profile, it provides a spesific advertising option.
  • It is a flexible ads method. With this feature, brands can request a daily budget change according to their target or can benefit from the flexibility in 135 character-description part accompanied with an image while advertising.
  • One of Facebook ads' advantages for brands is that; if a user likes your brand, this like is also shown to user's friends. With this feature, we can say that Facebook ads are more advantageous for providing more interaction and return.
  • One of the most important advantages of it is that; the high number of its user count and the increase in this number day by day, the ads are shown to more people.
Facebook ads provide lots of advantages for brands with its features. That's why Facebook takes the first place among the social networks that should be taken in serious while creating social media marketing strategy for a brand. For the interaction with the target audience, we can assume that Facebook ads is the most advantageous part of thşs strategy. Up to the day that Facebook ads increased its importance to that extent, Google ads were seen as the most effective way of advertising. Google ads still haven't lost its importance and effectiveness in especially sales-based aims. However; it is also true that Facebook ads challanges even Google ads.

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