How much Time Do We Spent On Facebook?

How much Time Do We Spent On Facebook?

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During these days of digital age , social media became a platform in which people spend their time the most. As a result of the researches, the extension of time spent on social media is obvious. Spoken in a while, the question of "is social media rocking traditional media's place" has become a more thought state. While it is not possible to answer it clearly yet, social media carries on securing its position. Brands are fronting to social media rather than traditional media in their advertising and marketing operations. The reason of it is; let's say their target audience's involvement in social media and socal media platforms' enabling the brands manage this audience for their marketing purposes.

Spending time on social media has become an indispensable life habit in recent years. It became and indispensable habit among ordinary habits about life like reading newspapers and magazines, going on a walk, drinking coffee and chatting. Nowadays, social media platforms are being skimmed before reading a newspapers magazines and books, instead of watching tv, the video-based platforms on social media platforms are being watched, instead of meeting up with friends, chatting and drinking a coffee together on a late afternoon, chatting is being carried on social media, while taking a walk or going on a vacation or even working, the photos are taken and shared on social media and then comes a waiting proccess of friends' comments. After social media has come into our lives, our habits have totally changed. We can't stop ourselves from checking our social media account while starting or ending the day. As we can all observe through many researches a lot of time is spent on social media. As Facebook led the procedure of purchasing on the internet, brands' launchin purchasing on social networks is quite easy now. Especially we confront the teens as the most active audience on socail media. The social networks that teens steer for are; apart from Facebook and Twitter, with thier large audiences, Instagram Vine and Pinterest. The direction of teens to these networks is due to their seeking of a difference. These social networks in which the teens are seeking for a difference, involved in a race with Facebook and Twitter in a short time in some very important points of marketing like user count and interaction rates.

In conclusion, we spend a lot of time on social networks. Now, the audiences spend most of their times on social networks. This situation is especially beneficial for advertising and marketing purposed brands. The brands that are aware of the changing habits and the importance on social media are taking a big advtantage of this situation. The only point to mind is that; while social media is growing its popularity to this extent, the marketing and advertising operations are getting harder that much.

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