Helpful Tools for Effective Content Creation

Helpful Tools for Effective Content Creation

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The way of accomplishing the conducted operations on digital channels passes from effective content creation. Effective content creation is based on knowledge and transmitting information in a right way. There are 3 main ways in which the golden rules are right content, right time and right channels. The basic of these steps is creating content and it is the hardest step of the studies. While creating a content, getting help from the tools to reach a more effective result, will ease your work.

So, which tools should we use to create an effective content? The first step of content creation , is to consider the right topics. The tool that will help us to chose the topic is; Twitter Trending Topic. If you don't have an opinion about which topic to choose, tahnks to Twitter Trending Topic, you can reach the country's agenda and take those issues into consideration. The topics that are on country's agenda will attract many users' attention. Another tool to help you choose the topic is Linkedin Pulse. Linkedin platform, which involves professionals, gives you information about the agenda headlines like Twitter Trending Topics. While choosing the content's topic, the most benefitting tool may be Google Keyword Planner. This tool gives you information about the most searched topic. The texts written about these topics get more traffic. 

We used some useful tools and identified a topic in order to create an effective content. The step we have come is now creating the content. After deciding on the topic, many researches should be done. Comments about the topic should be read and observed through different sources. What are the tools that will be useful in topics searching?

  • Google Trends: You should certainly make a Google Trends research about the topic of your content. This research will give you clues about your topic's past and present situation. This research will be helpful for you with its datas to create a rich content.
  • Quora: Searching your topic's content in Quora will give you the questions and answers of real users' about your topic. Quora is a platform that is very popular and which is condected in a question-answer way.
  • Google Search: Before creating your content, the thing you should firstly do is to search your keywords in Google. This search will provide other contents that are already created about your topic. You can enrichen your content by observing those contents.
We have created an effective topic and done researches with the help of these tools. Now, finally we are beginning to write our article and creating our content in a story-telling way. The topic of the content and the narration is not enough to make this content effective. Apart from all of these, the best channels to reach the target audience should be identified and the content should be presented via those channels.

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