Hashtag Usage in Facebook

Hashtag Usage in Facebook

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Another unit being used on social media platforms is, hashtag usage. In a good deal of social channels, '#' usage is in demand. Hashtag usage is very common in social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and especially Twitter. The platform in which hashtag usage is the most effective is, Twitter. Users apply '#' in order to announce their running campaigns, comments or their ideas about any topic to larger audiences. Indisputably, hashtag usage in Twitter platform is quite effective. While it is remarkable that such an in demand unit doesn't take place in such a big platform like Facebook, Facebook completed it's work in this issue and incorporated this unit into its world.

In Facebook, video, photo and text shares can be transmitted to larger audiences with hashtag usage. '#' usage provides convenience especially in big organisations and campaigns. At the same time, spesific issues can be followed, competitor or campaign analysis can be provided with hashtag usage in Facebook.

Facebook's incorporation of hashtag usage into it's own structure was interpreted as a late application. Also, users' comments include that this move of Facebook's doesn't produce the effects that are seen on other platforms. While the hashtag used on Twitter has a big impact on that channel, it is clear that the hashtag used in Facebook has negative effects. According to a research of EdgeRank, which analysis Facebook, hashtags used in Facebook doesn't influence the contents in a positive way.

At the same time, considering Simply Measured's research, hashtag that Facebook brought into use doesn't have a positive influence. According to the research, hashtag usage was provided for the popular 100 brands worldwide but, no differences from other brands were observed.

The hashtag usage that Facebook brought into its structure is seen as unsuccessful compared to the hashtage usages in other platforms. The hashtag usage which started in June, still hasn't made any influences that Facebook expects. Also, the users, achieving no results with this hashtag usage, say that Facebook platform is unsuccessful in this issue. While Facebook is considered as a platform in which the interaction is mostly intense, it's fail in yielding the expected results has produced a negative effect. The question of 'whether the hashtag usage in Facebook will lift its effectiveness later on, is among one of the titles that users discuss about for a while.

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