Fast Growing Pinterest

Fast Growing Pinterest

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Pinterest platform is one of the social channels that came into our lives in 2010. Participating in social channels a short time ago, although it is still trying to reach other platforms' user count, this platform is keeping on growing fast above and beyond. Let's analyze Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform, developed by an American entrepreneur Ben Silbermann in 2010. American entrepreneur Ben Silbermann concedes privilege to its users with this social media platform. He is visualizing and displaying users' dreams in imagination stretcher Pinterest. Although the introduction of Pinterest platform is brand new, it is on the first line of the fast growing platforms list.

How to use Pinterest

In Pinterest platform, a panel called 'board' is formed for each user who creates a profile. The user ranks the design s/he chooses to display in this board. Liked 'Pin's can be forwarded with repin button. Another feature that Pinterest presents its users is letting them prepare boards in different categories. Giving its users a platform service in which they can display their imagination, Pinterest took its place among the popular social media platforms with these features.

Pinterest platform's fast growing is directly proportional to its awareness. Alongside other social media platforms, it succeeded to take attraction by pledging its users to use their imagination. Pinterest, Succeeding in a short time,  Pinterest is mostly consisted of females. Especially the females in a busy pace  are quite active in using Pinterest. It is possible to find new partners and even customers with the designs you pin on Pinterest. We can state that, used with a right usage and targeting, its a platform that lets you gain the upperhand. While its usage is fastly growing in Turkey, its usage in USA in 2 years is totally different. The country in which Pinterest is most used is USA. The rate gained in a direct proportion to this situation is; a big denominator like 80% of Pinterest users are consisted of American users. Being active on Pinterest is already widespread in USA.

Getting free of the social media channels while there is always one added to them everyday, Pinterest is accepted as a platform that is high above the expectations. The big role in the acceptance of Pinterest so positively is its uniqueness. The feature that seperates Pinterest from other platforms is that you can have a little archieve one each on your own board. With this jargon, a colorful world has been created for the people who got bored of business life.

Pinterest is another rival of the social media platforms which have a strong voice in social media channel such as Instagram and Twitter. With its fast development and the raise in its user count, its users are impatiently waiting for the changes to happen in the upcoming days.

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