Effective Use of Hashtag on Google+

Effective Use of Hashtag on Google+

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Being a fast-growing social network and having more important affects in Seo operations compared to other social networks, Google+ requires brands to work more actively in their social media operations. In case brands use Google+ more effectively, they will be one step forward in Seo operations, thus; won't have difficulty in all their digital marketing works such as interacting and communicating with the target audience, boosting their online reputation and brand awareness. However; as in all social media platforms, a good strategy and a work plan is quite important in social media merketing on Google+.

Let's talk about hashtag usage that became an important method in strategizing social media on Google+. Beginning with Twitter, hashtag usage became effective in all social networks in time. So that; it became indispensable in Google+ marketing operations with its way of forming interaction with the target audience and besides its positive impacts to Seo. Appreciated for its effects, hashtag usage started to be used as of May, 2013. Although it seems like a very easy method for brands, it requires quite a detailed and deep work. It may be succesfully used in each social network if it is used with different methods and statictics in each social network. Hashtags should be used minding some points in Google+, too, like in all other social media platforms.

How should an effective and successful hashtag usage be in social media marketing on Google+ ?

  • The hashtag and the share wil be relevant. Otherwise; you can't interact in a right way with the target audience. Besides; the target audience will find that the hashtag and your post are irrelevant and privde a negative feedback.
  • The hashtags on agenda should be used. Sıthat; you can boost the interaction more with the hashtags that audiences are quite interested in. However; this should be kept in mind; a hashtag shouldn't be used only because it is on agenda. The hashtag that is on agenda should be used only if it is appropriate for your brand, shares and target audience. Plus, a research of why it is on agenda will be beneficial.
  • You should use 2-3 hashtags in your shares. While this count may be changing in other social platforms, 2-3 hashtag usage is more effective in general. This case is also suitable for Google+. In the shares that a lot of hashtags are used, interaction is fewer. Especially in the description part of the shares, using all the words accompanied with the hashtag and using a very long hashtag which is too hard to even read, is certainly a fault. The right way is to make an effective sentence that describes your share without a hashtag and use 2-3 hashtags with this sentence.
  • A social media campaign based hashtag should certainly be used. The campaigns run with hashtags are more effective. So, it accomplishes the brand more easily and also following up the work will be quite easier. 

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