Effective Marketing Techniques On Facebook

Effective Marketing Techniques On Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most preferred social media platforms for brands' marketing and advertising studies. Recently, Facebook has gone into many changes for organic content screening, thus made it compulsory for brands to be more careful in their content marketing studies. Albeit, it is a common issue that Facebook wants to direct the brands to give ads, and it is most probably true, it made brands realize the logic of "Content is the King in Social Media". Whether this change is done by a wide social media channel like Facebook, or search engine's troll Google,  you can defy all algorithms as long as your content is high qualified.

By looking at the researches conducted on Facebook, it seriously decreased it's organic content screening. To handle this situation, there are  two ways to follow. One of them is; you can show your contents as sponsored advertisement to your target audience in a short way and easily by using it's paid advertising feature. However; even though it's the easiest way, it's a fact that you should raise your budget and it is so natural that you can feel like this paid advertising may damage your brand's identity in your followers' mind. Another way is boosting your content quality and adding some effective content tactics to your content marketing strategies. If you choose this option, let's see what you should do to run an organic content marketing for your brand;

Mind your content quality. Your Facebook followers are influenced by your content, they'll not only like it but also share it with their friends if they find what they are looking for and think it is beneficial. Creating your contents accompanied by authentic, trend topics-related, impressive images that are suitable for facebook standarts, and slogans that encourage to share and using hashtags will help you reach the desired quality. Thus, you can improve the interaction, find new followers, benefit your followers and make Facebook, which aims to show the contents that they are interested in, like your brand. 

You should mind your content frequency and posting hours. Facebook became a point that you should take care since it has gone in that changes. You shouldn't post more than 2 or 3 times a day. Always keep in mind that, how many post you share is not important, the important point is the quality of your posts and the interaction you've reached with your followers by your posts. Besides, you should analyse their online hours and the hours that you've interacted the most by using Facebook Insights and then share your contents during these hours. Your contents will be more effective this way.

You should loom large on the contents that's been interacted more, by analysing up today but never ever share the same posts again and again. Facebook not only dislikes this but also punishes your account by decreasing your content visibility.You may think that you get more interaction with some of your contents more than the others so you can use them again, but apart from benefiting your brand, it will result in some negative situations like a reduction in your posts' accessibility. It's reason is both your followers and Facebook dislike your constantly shared same posts.

In conclusion; if your target on Facebook is to make your brand successful and beneficial in content marketing, by predicating on the high quality contents, posting through your analyses, and by making your followers like your brand, it's more easier to reach your target.

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