Effective Hashtag Usage on Instagram

Effective Hashtag Usage on Instagram

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Instagram is taking its part among the social networks that have been rapidly increasing their user count and in relation to this, their effects in social media marketing. Because of this situation, brands quite extended their social media operations on Instagram, besides the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Due to many reasons such as Facebook's addition of many features that will be useful in marketing after it bought Instagram, being a video and visual based platform, raising its user count to a large extent and the more activeness of its users compared to other platforms, Instagram recently has become brands' main squeeze.

On  Instagram, it is possible to run many marketing and advertising campaigns for your brand. However; as in all social media platforms, you should progress with a right strategy in Instagram, too. Hashtag usage, which you should lay too much stress on while strategizing on Instagram needs a detailed and careful work, although it seems easy and simple. Firstly, let's talk about some features that should be known about the hashtag usage on Instagram;

  • On Instagram, hashtags are added via the description part which comes across before sharing. If you want to add another hashtag to your post later on, you can do it through your post's commenting part. The hashtags you add later are valid.
  • You can use 30 hashtags maximum. If you outnumber, you'll come across with an error during the sharing process.
  • You can only use hashtag in your own posts. The hashtags you use in your comments other users' posts are invalid.
  • Your post hashtags can be seen by users only when your profile is visible to everyone.
  • You can use numbers in your hashtags, but characters like % are invalid.

Apart from these technical details about the hashtag usage in Instagram, when talking about the marketing strategies, you should be working more in detail.

  • Firstlt, it is important to use the hashtags appropriate for your brand. For instance; There may be a very effective and popular hashtag but you may not find it appropriate to use this hashtag in your brand's posts due to its online reputation.
  • Drowning your shares in hashtags may leave a negative impression on your users while it may also affect your interaction with your users badly. In this case, using 6-8 hashtags will be effective, according to the researches.
  • Using popular hashtags will be effective. For instance; you will share a landscape. Using a popular hashtag like 'instanature' in this post's hashtag will increase your interaction with your target audience. However; it should also be related to your post. Using a hashtag which is not related to your post may affect your interaction with your target audience badly.
  • Getting to know your target audience, searching for the hashtags and giving place to them in your shares will always be beneficial for you.

If you mind these details, the hashtags you use will be quite effective in accomplishing your brand in marketing operations on Instagram.

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