Effective Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

Effective Hashtag in Social Media Marketing

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It's a concept that was introduced in 2007 by a twitter userwhile tagging and categorizing a post in social media litarature. Along its usage in many social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, it's most widely-used in Twitter. In social media marketing studies, brands prefer hashtag as it's an effective advertising and marketing method.

By using a hashtag; you can promptly establish a perception and at the same time, evaluate this perception by monitoring it at any time, get new followers and drastically increase the interaction, redouble the effects of marketing campaigns. However; there's an issue that you shouldn't ignore; if you want to use hashtag in order to accomplish your brand in social media marketing, there are some important points, let's talk about them.

It should be specific. With an authentic hashtag usage for your brand, you can influence your reputation and brand awareness for good while serving your marketing target. Thus, it will always be more beneficial to use original hashtags for your brand.

Should be short, simple and easy-written. Especially Twitter made it compulsory with it's 140 character limit. Placeing a long hashtag into 140 characters will not only complicate making your statement to your followers, but also take a toll on your followers' usage of this hashtag. Being simple and easy to write benefits the hashtag's spreading pace and also it's usability by the audience. In that case, shortening the name of your brand and using short statements will help you.

It should be impressive and eye-catching. A hashtag you use for an event or campaign through your marketing strategy, should impress your followers and attract them, so that they can share it and make it viral.

Should be used after searching. It is by no means true to create a brand marketing strategy with a hashtag that was used before by your competing firms and got feedback through intense interactions, or, a hashtag that was used in an irrelevant topic that you never want to be a part of. In such a case, you should carefully search for the hashtag.

You should integrate it to other digital or traditional channels. Using your brand's hashtag in your other social accounts, web site or blogs, at the same time in the traditional advertisement like tv, newspaper, magazine and billboards will trigger the attention and involvement to a large extent.

As a brand, bring your followers in the hashtag you use, too. Merging into the word of mouth around the hashtag, you can both maintain and control it. By bringing them in your hashtag, you can make it viral.

Finally, you should use hashtags no more than 2. After deciding on which hashtag to go-ahead, move ahead this hashtag and gather all the perception on this hashtag. Excessive usage of hashtag will not only distract the attention, but also bore your followers. Because of this, you should progress with only one or, 2 hashtags maximal.

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