Creating Special Audiences On Facebook

Creating Special Audiences On Facebook

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The affects of the advertisements conducted on social channels on brands is an indisputable truth. The reason why social media ads are more effetive than other advertising methods is reaching the audience directly. Considering all social channels, Facebook does the nearest ads showing to the target audience. The biggest advantage of advertising on Facebook platform is to provide an access to the target audience in a right time and place. Facebook ads are an effective way of advertising for brands apart from being an effective marketing tool.

One of Facebook ad method, Custom Audiences, serves for creating special audiences for advertisers. With Custom Audience method, it shares your customer datas with Facebook and helps you advertise only to this customer portfolio. Brands catch a chance of email targeting with CRM data. Brands doing customer targeting with this method gains effective results.

How does Customer Audience work?

Advertisers upload text or csv files on Facebook platform. They match the customer datas in these files with the users having the same information on Facebook. With this method, customers are being analysed on Facebook. In other words, the identified target audience becomes the direct customer portfolio. Apart from this targeting, parametres like age, language, interests can also be used. For large scaled brands, this special targeting is among one of the most preferred advertisement methods for having a more effective result. At the same time, Facebook platform also gives place to long explanations to help advertiser get over the concern of security.

This method of advertising shows a remarketing-like behaviour. The users been on your brand, sulky to your friend or showing a behaviour of buying are being targeted. Besides it is a nice method to make the users that have interacted with you anyway loyal to your brand.

Customer Audience that is on Facebook ads, is taking its place under the title of Premium. Customer Audience method that is used to reach in detail and directly to the target audience is an advertising method that has the highest budget among the Facebook advertising methods. This advertising method which targets especially the large scaled enterprises, is a way of reaching the most effective result.

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