Creating Effective Video on Twitter

Creating Effective Video on Twitter

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In content marketing on social media, videos are increasing their importance as well as images. While video-based Youtube and Vine are the pioneer platforms in this case, in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, the video features are being developed. We can easily say that especially Twitter will be conducting studies of developing the video features. In that case, brands' developing strategies for video contents on Twitter in social media marketing became an obligation which is favourable for them.

So, for an effective video marketing, how should brands develop a strategy and what kind of operations should they get in? Let's talk about the answer of this question which will addect the success of all brands in social media marketing.

First of all, you should ceratinly be benefiting from the feature of automatics and constant playing of your videos on a new video-featured timeline of Twitter's. In order to benefit in an effective way, you should loom the discrepancy and attraction large on Twitter videos. We can say that with the automatic playing of videos, brands are more advantageous on attracting users' attention. However; in order to make this situation completely beneficial, you should raise the rate of display by attracting users at the first sight.

Your should raise the return rate and the interaction between users and your brand in your Twitter videos by using Call to Action feature. It will be more easier to perform your target actions on users by giving a place to Call to Actions like buying, enrolling, following and sharing and using Call to Actions at the end of your Twitter video will be the best method.

Sharing the appropriate content that is valid in all platforms and content marketing is valid in also the videos that you create for Twitter. With a well analysis of a target audience, you should increase the rate of sharing with the appropriate videos for the audience you address. So that you may be more effective on users with a viral vedio content.

Another point that your should never skip and should add on your strategy for achieving more effective results with your Twitter videos is giving a place for your brand's identity on Twitter videos but here is a point that you should mind. Your video shouldn't be completely based on your brands advertisement. This situation won't be very well received by social media users. However; giving place for your brand's identity in videos with a story-telling method for keeping up the interaction will be the best method.

For an effective Twitter video marketing, the last thing to care about is to keep your video short as a general necessity in video marketing. A general view for social media users' attentiveness, the effectiveness of short-time videos is also valid for Twitter videos. For this reason, users' publishing their own videos on Twitter(Twitter's new feature), you should keep your videos short, considering that the competition will be compelling. So that you can be more effective on users in your Twitter videos.

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