B2B Marketing in Social Media

B2B Marketing in Social Media

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Among B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) methods, that we come across frequently in the whole marketing sector, social media's importance is well-known for a long time. However; in B2B which is a business to business marketing method, social media's importance has just started to be known.

In terms of B2B Marketing method's semantic structure and the sectors that the firms' belong to, social media was seen as a channel that won't provide effective returns. The thing that has overcome this prejudice is especially Facebook's high user count and active interaction rate, on the other hand, Linkedin's professional-based structure upon business life. The firms that do B2B started to use social media platforms for B2B marketing operations after gaining this awareness.

If you ask how B2B doers use social media, we can answer this question on the basis of the research that an agency called Clear Point has done. According to the research that Clear Point has conducted;

B2b firms use social media at the rate of 79% in order to raise awareness and of 74% for finding customer firms. Besides, %74 of B2B firms use social media to identify the customer potential while 64% of them use social media to make them loyal. Finally, another salient data is that; B2B firms mostly take part in Linkedin among all social media platforms. 83% of their workers are using Linkedin and 80% of them are using Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from the hardness of B2B dynamics, as long as they are transferred in a right way to social media, it is a truth that successful results may be obtained. The most important point that the firms doing B2B should consider while using social media is the targeting proccess. The firms that don't have any aim in social media or that don't set a right target may face negative results apart from benefitting. The first target for B2B firms should be set on raising awareness, communication, customer relations, sales and internal communication. For those firms, especially raising awareness should be considered as the primary target. Operations should be carried out with a qualified strategy that will be developed on this strategy. We can observe that the firms moving in this direction are accomplishing.

As a result, not only the firms that are doing only B2B, but also the B2B doers that have a different marketing principle and address to only the last users should use social media actively with right targets and strategies.

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