Advertising on Youtube

Advertising on Youtube

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When digital and traditional advertising is compared, the one that succeeds to reach the return date with a low budget is digital pr work. Recently, the traditional pr works, tv ads and newspaper ads require quite high budgets. Because of this, this kind of advertising operations can only be conducted by large scaled enterprises. However, digital ads operations that have gained wide currency in time are affordable for all. With the inclusive of social media in marketing operations, nearly all employers switched to digital work. One of the primary adveritising works is Youtube ads.

A lot of company promotes their brands or products using Youtube video ads. While procuring brand awareness, it also backs up marketing works. Youtube ads' having lower budgets whaen compared to tv ads is one of the reasons why this type of advertising is most preferred. Besides, Youtube platform's being widespread is another reason of advertising on this platform. It is possible to promote your other products that your customers may need on Youtube ads. For instance; in a clothing brand's video ad, also other requirable products like baby food can also be advertised at the same time. This method can make a major contribution to marketing department.

How can we advertise on Youtube?

In order to advertise on Youtube platform, first of all the content is created. Which video to advertise with is chosen and then it is degined in the campaign. The display we come across ask for the video's url and we identify the content's adress here. Then, we are completing the title of the ad, the description of it and setting an image part. After that step there comes targeting. We do targeting, one of the most important points of advertising, in line with the requirements. There are two options for us. The advertisement continues to be created by clicking this tab if the target is to attract users to a web site, and clicking the other option if the target is to create a new audience by attracting users to our Youtube channel.

We go on creating an ad on Youtube. This step is determining the budget. While a cost, recommended by Youtube platform appears, it also offers an advantage of setting a daily budget. The budget is determined in this section.

Then we move to defining a target audience, the last step of advertising. This step is directly related to ad's success rate. In other words, if the right target audience is defined, the ad will probably end in success. In this step, location, age, sex and domains are chosen adhering to target audience analysis.

Finally, after payment information and the last preview, advertisement is created successfully.

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