Advertising on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter

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One of the fastest social media platforms to be fastly introduced to social media in recent years is, Twitter. It is one of the rare social accounts to create a wide user community in a short time. Twitter's most important feature is it's ongoing speed. It is achieving to sustain the speed and success that it showed while entering our lives in it's development stage,too. After a fast introduction, Twitter provided an opportunity of advertising for brands. Influenced by the platform, 2 out of 3 Twitter users involve in a purchasing process. Taking the Twitter users into account, advertising on Twitter is an inevitable ending, according to the researches.

Advertising on Twitter is quite easy. It can even be said that you'll come across with the same stages that you came across while advertising in Facebook. In both social media platforms, the user encounters a form. After filling the form, the order of advertisement is placed. While advertising on a Twitter account, we come across with a short form. In this form, there are some details like the starting and finishing dates of the ad., our budget, sountry and contact info. The slight defference between Facebook and Twitter is setting our budget. You can advertise with a low budget on Facebook. However; Twitter has a different view on budget issue. The lowest monthly budget is identified as 7.500 TL. We can say that it elects the brands using it's advertising application. Looking at the budgets, its aiming the full-scaled brands.

How can we advertise on Twitter ?
There will be 3 options while advertising on Twitter accounts. These options are;
Promoted Accounts
Promoted Tweets
Promoted Topic
These options mean;

Promoted Accounts: It is to increase your followers. If your aim of advertising for your brand is to boost your followers list, you should choose this option. Your account will take place in your potential followers' , who are interested in the topics that you talk about, 'whom to follow' section. If your target is your followers, this option is just for you!

Promoted Tweets: If you are going to advertise with this option, first you have to define your keywords. The users searching for the keywords that  you defined, will bump into your promoted , self-chosen tweet. This option helps you to meet the users that don't follow you. Even though the users don't follow you, they can see your tweet. This option is very advantageous for campaign notifications. Also, if you use this option while advertising, your budget will be shaped according to your follwers and retweet rate.

Promoted Topic: The last option to advertise on Twitter is, promoted topic. It is possible to say that, promoted topic is a way of being recognized by all Twitter users. The account using this option, takes place in the first lines of the trend topic list.

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